About Netspark Mobile

Netspark Mobile is a fully independent content filtering app for mobile devices, that provides you with the protection of real-time inspection and filtering of web and app content, without restrictions on which apps you use to browse the Web and stream content.

The only app on the market to actually filter within the content you are accessing, Netspark Mobile gives you incomparable freedom to access a wide range of content and apps that are blocked by competing apps.

Netspark's filtering solution was born from the understanding that what users really need is a content filtering tool focused on enabling access to content, not just blocking it. Our unique algorithms and machine learning engines work together to contextually understand web content and the value it offers our users, prior to filtering out any inappropriate elements.

Netspark Mobile Features:

Dynamic Content Filtering

Browse the Web. Connect with friends. Watch your favorite videos. Netspark Mobile inspects and filters in real-time, removing harmful content before it reaches your screen.

Application Management

Filter or block apps by category, or create custom rules to allow, filter or block individual apps.

Uninstall Protection

Secure Netspark Mobile on your device for peace of mind that you and your family are protected at all time.

Remote Management

Login to our management portal from a personal computer to conveniently manage the protection settings filtered devices.

Time Limits

Set daily or weekly limits on app use, or login from a computer to create a weekly screen time schedule.

Browser Independence

Keep using your favorite apps without sacrificing protection. Netspark Mobile works with your apps to filter content as you access it, no safe browser needed!

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At Netspark, we strongly believe that people should have a choice in what content they see online.

We’re dedicated to developing tools that empower our users to set their own standards for how they use the internet.