What is my "Password for credential storage"?

On some Android 4 devices (mostly version 4.4.2), during the Netspark Mobile installation process, you may receive a prompt asking you to "Type the password for credential storage".

Your "Credential Storage password" is your lock screen PIN code that you were required to set as part of the installation process.

If your PIN code is not accepted, you may have encountered a bug which exists on Android version 4.4.2 (KitKat).

The next steps will guide you how to bypass this bug:

1. Enter your device settings => Security settings => Press "Clear Credentials". If the option is grayed out or disabled, proceed to the next step.

2. Enter your device’s lock screen settings and set a "Pattern" lock. You will then have to set a backup PIN code.

3. Restart your device.

4. When the lock screen appears, enter a wrong pattern intentionally 5 times.

5. Select "Forgot Pattern" and enter the backup PIN code that was set.

6. Immediately after entering your device, open your device Settings => More Networks => VPN => You will be asked to set a new PIN code, different from the backup PIN code that was set earlier.

7. Open Netspark Mobile and resume the installation.

8. After completing the installation, restart your device.

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