Creating a mobile "Hotspot" with NetSpark Mobile

Netspark Mobile allows you to create a portable mobile "Hotspot" without having to disable the filter. Please note! The provided internet from the protected device will not be filtered. When activating a hotspot, all shared web traffic is rerouted out of our filtering server making it technologically impossible to share filtered internet. Rest assured, your device will be protected while the hotspot is enabled.

On devices running Android 4 OS, Netspark will block access to your device when activating a "Hotspot" and the following block page will appear:

On Android 4 devices, our VPN server disconnects when a hotspot is activated, so blocking access to the device is our way of ensuring that your device will remain protected. If you wish to use your device while the hotspot is enabled, you must turn off the filter. Pressing the "Finish" button will automatically turn off the hotspot.

At Netspark, we strongly believe that people should have a choice in what content they see online.

We’re dedicated to developing tools that empower our users to set their own standards for how they use the internet.