Installing Netspark Mobile on Huawei devices

On Huawei devices, there are several steps that have to be completed before installing Netspark Mobile. This is to ensure that the device will remain protected at all time.

In order to install Netspark Mobile on a Huawei device, please complete the following steps:

1. Open a web browser and go to

2.  Press the side menu button > Download. On the next screen, press "Download Application". When prompted, press OK and then Open the “Netspark.apk” file. This file will also appear in your device’s downloads folder.

3. Press "Install" to begin the installation. After the initial installation, press "Done" and return to the device's home screen.

4. Open the "Optimizer" app from your apps list .

5. Press "Dropzone". On the next screen, find Netspark Mobile in the app list and toggle the switch to the blue "on" position.

6. Go back to the Optimizer app's main screen and press the battery icon. On the next screen press "App launch".

7. Find Netspark Mobile in the app list and press the toggle switch. Toggle the three switches to the blue "on" position and press "OK".

8. Go back to the Battery screen and press "More battery settings". Toggle off "Power consumption alert".

9. Open the "Settings" app and on the next screen press "Apps".

10. Press the Menu button (Three dot menu) and then press "Special access". On the next screen, press "Battery optimization".

11. Press "Not allowed" and then press the "All apps" option.

12. Press "Netspark Mobile" in the apps list, select "Don't allow" and press "OK".

13. Open the Netspark Mobile app from your app list and complete the installation process.

14. During the installation process, when asked "to enable passwords protection", you must select "Yes". This will ensure that the device will remain protected at all time.

15. Once the installation is complete, restart the device.

* Please note! After Netspark Mobile is installed, some device settings like "Battery" and "Cleanup" will be blocked. This is to ensure that the protection will remain active at all time.

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