Setting up the "Removal Protection" for iOS devices

What is the "Removal Protection"?

NetSpark Mobile's "Removal Protection" feature prevents any uncontrolled attempts to remove the app. Once the "Removal Protection" is installed, removing NetSpark Mobile will require entering a password which appears on the management website, accessible only for the account administrator.

Before installing the "removal protection", please ensure that the following steps have been completed:

1. NetSpark Mobile is installed on the device and a VPN icon appears on the top of the screen.

2. The NetSpark Mobile app appears on your home screen.

3. The device is connected with a USB cable to a computer with iTunes installed. If iTunes is not installed, you can download it from the this link.

4. The "Find my iPhone" option is disabled. If this option is enabled, you can disable it by completing the following steps:

  • Enter the device "Settings" > your name at the top of the menu > iCloud.

  • Press "Find My iPhone" and swipe the green toggle to the "off" position. Enter your Apple ID password and press "Turn Off".

You can re-enable "Find my iPhone" after the removal protection installation is complete.

Now, install the removal protection for NetSpark Mobile on your iOS device:

1. Connect your iOS device to a PC via USB cable and Press "Trust" in the notification that pops up. If the Trust notification does not appear, you may have already trusted the computer in the past.

2. Open iTunes on your PC.

3. Download the removal protection installation file from this link. The file named "ns4ioswin" will appear in your PC's Downloads folder with the NetSpark icon.

4. Open the removal protection installation file and press "Next". The installation process will take a few minutes.

5. As part of installation process, the VPN will disconnect and a notification will pop up on your device stating that "You are no longer protected". press "OK" in the notification and your device will reboot.

6. The removal protection is installed successfully! Press "Finish" on your PC. The VPN icon will reappear a few seconds after the device is rebooted.

* The removal password will appear in the NetSpark Mobile management website. You can retrieve it by clicking on "Display the password" located next to the key icon under the "Protection Settings" column (6 characters).

* Please note! After installing the removal protection, removing applications from the device will only be available through the NetSpark Mobile app (for more details, click here).


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