Setting up the "Removal Protection" for iOS devices

What is the "Removal Protection"?

Netspark Mobile's "Removal Protection" feature prevents any uncontrolled attempts to remove the app. Once the "Removal Protection" is enabled, Netspark can only be removed by the account admin. Please note! In order to set up the removal protection, the device must be running iOS 11 or above.

Before beginning, please ensure that the following steps have been completed:

1. Netspark Mobile is installed on your device and a VPN icon appears on the top of the screen. On some iPhone models, the VPN icon may be hidden. You can see the VPN icon by swiping down the screen from the top-right corner.

2. The device is connected with a USB cable to a computer with iTunes installed from the Apple website (and not from Microsoft Store). If iTunes is not installed, you can download it from this link.

3. Backup the device with iCloud or iTunes. For instructions on how to do so, click here.

4. Disable Find my iPhone on your device. You can enable it again once the setup is complete. For instructions on how to disable Find my iPhone, click here.

5. Disable your device's Unlock Passcode. You can enable it again once the setup is complete. For instructions on how to disable your Passcode, click here.

In order to begin setting up the removal protection please complete the following steps:

1. Connect your iOS device to a PC with a USB cable and Press "Trust" when the notification appears. If the Trust notification does not appear, you may have already trusted the computer in the past.

2. Open iTunes on your computer. Make sure that iTunes recognizes your device.

3. Download the removal protection setup file. The file named ns4ioswin with the Netspark icon will appear in your computer's Downloads folder.

Download setup file for Windows

Download setup file for Mac

4. Open the removal protection setup file and press "Next". Your device will now automatically reboot. Important! Do not disconnect the device from the computer until the setup completes.

5. After your device reboots, press "Continue". On the next screen, select "Apply configuration" and press "Next".

6. Go back to your PC and click "Next" to continue.

7. The removal protection setup has finished successfully! Click "Finish" to exit.

* Please note! After installing the removal protection, removing applications from the device will only be available through the Netspark Mobile app (for more details, click here).

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