Enabling the "Removal Protection" on Android devices

Netspark Mobile's "Removal Protection" feature prevents any uncontrolled attempts to remove or disable the app. We strongly recommend enabling this feature, as it includes various anti-tamper measures like factory resetting the device. Once the "removal Protection" is enabled, you will have to enter a removal password in order to uninstall Netspark Mobile.

When installing Netspark Mobile, you will be asked if you would like to enable the “Removal Protection” feature. If you did not enable it, you can do so from within the management portal.

In order to enable the "Removal Protection" , please complete the following steps:

1. Go to www.netsparkmobile.com from a computer (not a smart device) and log in to the management portal with your admin username and password.

2. Under the "Protection Settings" column, click on "Allow app removal with a password only".

3. Click "OK" on the following screen.

4. The system will now send an activation request to the device. When the request appears on your screen, select "Yes" and press "Continue". Please note, the device must be powered on and connected to our VPN server.

5. After approving the request on your device, refresh the main page in the management site. When the "Uninstall Protection" is enabled, you will see a key icon under the "protection settings" column.

* You can retrieve the removal password by clicking on "Display the password" located next to the key icon (starts with Ns1-).

* You can disable the "Removal Protection" by clicking on "Enable app removal without password".

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