Removing the lock screen

As part of the installation process for Netspark Mobile, you are asked to set a lock screen for your device. Setting up a lock screen is highly recommended for keeping your personal information safe.

If you wish to remove the lock screen you can do so you can do so within the Netspark Mobile app:

1. Open Netspark Mobile application on your device.

2. Open the application menu by pressing the NetSpark "Menu" button (on the top right of the screen).

3. When the menu appears, press "Disable KeyGuard".

4. The lock screen has been removed, press "OK" to close the window.

* Please note! This option is available only if you have set a PIN code lock screen.

* This option will not be available if the "Advanced Uninstall Protection" is enabled.

* If the "Disable KeyGuard" button does not appear on the app menu, you can remove the lockscreen from within your device's lockscreen settings.

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