How do I set device time limits?

Netspark Mobile's time management feature enables you to set daily or weekly time limits for the device's internet access.

You can configure the time limits through the Netspark management website and Netspark Mobile app.

In order to configure time limits through the Netspark management website, please complete the following steps:

1. Go to from a computer (not a smart device) and log in to the management portal with your admin username and password.

2. Under the "Protection Settings" column, click on "Manage Time Limits".

3. Click the "Time Limit" tab (the clock icon).

3. Click on the drop-down menu and select "Enabled".

4. Set the daily and weekly time limits. If you wish to exclude a specific app or website from the time limit, you must add it to your personal list on "No Filter" (for more details, click here) and set the "time limits apply for apps under your custom filtering rules" option to "No". After configuring the time limits, click "Save Changes".

5. The time limits have been set successfully. You will be able to monitor how much time was used by refreshing or re-entering this page.

* The daily time limit will reset at midnight according to your local time zone.

* For more information about the time usage calculation, click here.

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