How do I set a weekly screen time schedule?

Netspark Mobile's "Time Table" feature, enables you to set a weekly pre-configured screen time schedule, that will restrict the user from going online at certain times each day.

In order to set up a weekly screen time schedule, please complete the following steps:

1. Go to from a computer (not a smart device) and log in to the management portal with your admin username and password.

2. Under the "Protection Settings" column, click on "Additional Settings".

3. Click on the "Time Table" tab.

4. Open the drop-down menu, located on the top right of the page and select "Enabled".

5. Click on the "Add a time block to the Time Table" button, located on the top left of the page.

6. Set the weekly screen time schedule. If you wish to exclude a specific app or website from the weekly schedule, you must add it to your personal list on "No Filter" (for more details, click here) and set the "defined time block" option to "Blocked. Custom filtering rules enabled". After setting the schedule, click "Save".

7. The weekly screen time schedule is set successfully. The orange blocks indicates that the "custom filtering rules" are enabled and the red block indicates that the "custom filtering rules" are blocked.

* You can edit a daily time table block by clicking on the text displayed on the top of the daily time block.

* You can delete a daily time block, by clicking on the trash can icon displayed on the top of the daily time block

At Netspark, we strongly believe that people should have a choice in what content they see online.

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