How do I transfer my subscription to a new device?

Netspark Mobile allows you to transfer your subscription to a new device at any time. You will need to manually transfer the subscription by uninstalling Netspark Mobile from the old device and then installing it on the new device, using the subscription's unique "activation code".

In order to transfer your account to a new device, please complete the following steps:

1. Uninstall Netspark Mobile from your old device as explained in the How to uninstall Netspark Mobile article. If your old device is broken or was lost/stolen, proceed to the next step.

2. Go to from a computer (not a smart device) and log in to the management portal with your admin username and password.

3. Under the "Protection Settings" column (next to the key image), click on "Enable app removal without password" from the device you wish to remove the app from.

After removing the app from the old device, you can now install the subscription on the new device:

1. Install Netspark Mobile on the new device, by completing the steps in the How to install Netspark Mobile article.

2. You must enter the subscription's unique "activation code" during the installation on the new device. You can locate your activation code as explained in the Where can I find my "Activation Code" article.

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