New from NetSpark! Advanced protection on Xiaomi devices

In recent months, we have been working together with Xiaomi to enable high-quality Netspark protection on Xiaomi devices.
Starting today, we added an additional step to the installation process where you are asked to download and install a plugin and activate "Enterprise Mode". After activating "Enterprise mode" it is no longer necessary to complete the special installation stages as in the past. This upgrade not only eliminates the need for special installation stages, but also brings Xiaomi devices to nearly the same level of protection that our customers enjoy on Samsung and LG devices.
Please note! This upgrade is compatible only with MIUI version 10.3.2 and higher.

You can easily find your device's MIUI version, by opening the "Settings" app => About phone.

If Netspark Mobile is currently installed on your device, click here.

In order to install Netspark Mobile on a new Xiaomi device, please complete the following steps:

1. Open a web browser and go to

2. Press "Download App" and then "Download Application". Download and open the Netspark Mobile installation file. The file will also appear in the device’s Downloads folder.

3. In order to install Netspark Mobile, you must allow installing apps from "Unknown Sources" in your device Settings. On devices that run Android 8 and above, allow your browser to "Install unknown apps".

Press "Install" to begin the installation. After the initial installation, press "Open" and accept the terms of usage.

4. Press "Start the installation". Download and open the Xiaomi Plugin installation file. The file will also appear in the device’s Downloads folder.

5. Install and open the Plugin. Press "Accept" to grant device administrator permissions.

6. Activate "Enterprise Mode". After the activation, your device will automatically restart.

7. After the device restarts, press and open Netspark Mobile. Press the yellow button and enter your device's "Activation Code". You can locate your activation code as explained in the Where can I find my "Activation Code" article.

8. Set up Netspark Mobile by completing the required steps. Press "Continue" to begin.

9. Approve apps usage access.

10. Install our security certificate. Android requires a lock screen in order to install the security certificate. If you haven't set a lock screen, you will be asked to set one now. Select which lock type you want to use (Pattern, PIN or Password).

Once Netspark is installed, the lock screen can be removed from within the NetSpark Mobile app or your device's lock screen settings.

11. Approve the VPN Connection.

12. Enable the "Removal Protection" feature. Select "Yes" and press "Continue". This will ensure that the device will remain protected at all time. Allow all of the access requests that appear and press "I understand - Continue".

13. Netspark installed successfully! Press "Finish" to end the installation process.

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